RedmineX Theme


Redmine X is the best Redmine Upgrade including a theme.

Basic Description

RedmineX is an Upgrade plugin that contains a theme and a dozen UI, UX & productivity-enhancing features. It was meticulously designed to help managers & employees work effectively with Redmine. This is the first plugin of its kind, adding time-saving features you have always dreamed of.


  • clean theme
  • vertical menus
  • NEW button
  • definable priority colors
  • show/hide filters
  • sticky save buttons
  • enhanced issue detail
  • enhanced project menu

How to Get It? 

You can either buy the Upgrade plugin that comes with a theme or you can make use of other plugins RedmineX offers, such as a Gantt chart or Resource management. They also offer a hosted Redmine solution that comes with additional productivity plugins such as Agile, HelpDesk, Finance, or Expenses. Download at RedmineX.

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